It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I was stuck in Los Angeles in the Fall of '94 working at a particularly toxic effects studio. I missed the social life i had in Santa Cruz tremendously, and attempted later that year to help decorate a Resort Party long-distance.The theme was 'unholy temple', and i thought it would be a neat idea to do make stained-glass decorations for the window panels, one for each of the seven inhabitants.

They were to be eight feet high and made of carefully cut paperboard frames, with cellophane plastic 'glass'. I faxed ideas back and forth, and cut the giant cardboard pieces in the artspace i had in the Santa Monica airport.

Alas, despite the help of salguod and edie, the large panels remained unfinished, and i never was able to attend the party. I eventually quit that awful job, and moved up to San Francisco. The designs for the windows were placed in a small folder entitled "Hangar 4", and forgotten.

I rediscovered the drawings when i moved to Berkeley, and decided that this site would be a fitting repository for them.

What strikes me now as funny is how little i knew of the subjects of these images at the time, and how close they are to me today.

So here they are, Salguod (the monk), Banshee (the wight), Lafolle (mad scientist) , Fez (flesh-eating ghoul), Picori (harpy) Ruhue (gargoyle), and Angel (the Knight).