PLATE III- Flesh-Eating Ghoul
PLATE III- Flesh-Eating Ghoul

After I'd joined the geek world by moving into The Resort -- I'd found that I was required to make up a name. Not required, but encouraged.

I'd seen the other names in the house: katie-> vadge
john-> banshee
tam-> picori

and from these I couldn't figure out what a cool name would be. Everyone is quite individual, and carries some special meaning for them -- kinda like a tatoo.

I wasn't REALLY OUT at that point -- but I wanted something at least ever-so-slightly gay.

My favorite cartoon at the time was Akbar and Jeff. And I'd thought about being akbar -- but at that time even that was too gay for this sensitive soul of mine. So I picked the thing that they had in common, which was a "fez".

The point was to pick something personal, something they conveys an identity... Something that makes you feel good.

Anyhow, that's the story... I rarely use the "fez" name anymore. Maybe it was a small "coming out" tool at the time -- but I think that "fez" means something different to me now -- it now means "he who I was at the resort".