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santa cruz geek photo gallery

so... you wanna be listed here? if you have a photo you would like included here, just drop me a note. don't worry if it's not in gif or jpeg format; i can scan it or convert it. for those of you who are savvy enough, you can save me time and effort and email me the location of the image, along with a home page URL and your preferred email address which you'd like listed. submitted images should be a mid-sized jpeg and a 64x64 gif. you can ftp them to ftp://ftp.geek.org/incoming/geek/

there are currently only 25 entries in the gallery (actually now up to 41), but in an effort towards scalability and recognizing those people who are still on slow connections, i've split them up into six separate categories. each person is categorized alphabetically by their email address. small 64x64 pixel images are displayed for each person. the small image links to larger images, and their name links to their home page, should they have one. people on 28.8k or higher connections should be ok selecting A - Z to see them all.

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more geek photos can be found from the geek parties page.

note: Some of the images here have been uploaded into Ranjit's Random Portrait Gallery, which you may find interesting for a more global collection of photos.

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santa cruz geek photo gallery