chose Zaphod as my B account name because It was male and I would not get hassles from geek guys. Hey I like geek guys but I dont want to be funluv or sexgrl online... sheesh! It was my second choice the first choice that at this late date I forget was already used.

I was Zaphod for 5 years- yeh it took me 5 years to get out of there with my BS- 1985-1990 including summers where you had to walk in to the CC in person and keep it open for the summer. I still have my account tar-ed on a big spool of tape- probably a meg or two of data really. I loved the Cowell College Nature and language of Unix class taught by Geoffrey Pullum. I thought it was fantastically fun. TANJ was my TA. He even had TANJ as his license plate.

my first year at Cowell and got a used ADM31 and a 1200 baud modem the next year when I lived in condo land. I later donated that terminal to Falcon- though I don't know if it was any use. I remember a distinct turning point where I was at the CC early in my UCSC career a short haired Falcon and some other geek asked me if I wanted to go on a fud run with them- I declined as they were going all the way to Capitola-- in retrospect I would have been initiated into the geek world sooner if I had gone. (insert what if dream sequence here)

I had many many many class machine accounts my favorite was it was for my analytical chemistry class. I was statlab- mom for NSII and Kerr Hall, I did Cowell too sometimes. I got a Key to the room, and carried printer ribbons. I don't remember the print sequence that would have the printer print out all the characters on the ribbon. I would check for bad print (time to clean or replace the print type). I cleaned up and reloaded paper. For this I got a free account on some less used machine so I could actually write my papers etc... Finals made machines deathly slow and hard to use for editing in vi.

I spent many an hour in the CC pounding out lab reports, formatting them with -MS macros troff-ing them- printing them, waiting for the printer to be done with landscape and print my report to find I had messed up some font and I had to find the error and re-format it. Oh the days before WYSIWYG.

Lets just say ADM3a's are not ergonomic.