y original login on Quantum Link in 1987 was SuziWan. A lot of people called me "LaChoy" when i was a kid and that seemed like the next logical step.

I quickly realized that A) everyone assumed I was a girl and B) there were a lot of creepy people online even then!

1200 baud just wasn't cutting it for me so I pretty much lost interest with the whole online thing. In 1995 it was getting hard to avoid the internet. i started using SnowDog or some variant of that for everything. In 1996, i was IRCing on #yyz on EFNet and I used Snow_Dog. Some guy By-Tor naturally made a bot with the same name. (By-Tor and the Snow Dog is a song off of Rush's Fly By Night album for you non-Rushians.) He won. I just stopped IRCing. I went by various things like ErrandWolf and character_0 for a few years but none of them stuck and I didn't want to be emblazoned with a Phish-related monicker.

In March of 1998, I wrote an instrumental called Yes You Am. I was quite pleased with it. The title was silly. and dualistic. It was eight characters long and it was a unique thread. I started using it for everything-- even all my work accounts. I've never seen "yesyouam" associated with anyone but me. It's easy to grep. When i type 'yesyouam' into Google image search it yields a single picture-- one of me in drag. So I guess I still haven't avoided my original predicament-- being mistaken for a girl-- from 15 years ago.