opened my first account as a Cowell freshman in '89 with the very
boring moniker of 'taralee'. After spending many hours online with the likes of 'demon', 'jedi', 'banshee', 'armoror', etc, I switched sophomore year over to the cooler (in my mind) moniker of 'velvet'.

Unfortunately, unless someone had happened to read any of the Belgariad books by David Eddings, most people thought 'velvet' had to do with what sort of underwear I was wearing. This led to many misunderstandings.

Originally I was using the technologically advanced Mac SE (with extra disk drive and 10 meg harddrive) in my room for my geeking sessions, but the real action was to be had in either the Cowell computer room or the basement at Communications center for rousing sessions of mtrek, keep, or the worst grade-killer of all, the mighty MUD known as valhalla.

I am happy to report I got out of UCSC without ever having learned nroff, but I do miss the massively wide dot-matrix line printers at App. Sci.