I can remember "tripstr", "todd" (duh), "pound", "munge", "thrust", and "thrusty"

oh and "courtois" at one point (another duh)

"tripstr" I think I made up because, before I moved to Santa Cruz, my brother and his friends used to say that I was such a "tripper", and heck, I don't know, I was young and crazy.

I think I used "todd" and "courtois" next. I think I was bored of the whole "tripstr" thing because it didn't really represent who I was, and besides, people always confused me with funkster (Larry).

I took a long break from icb, and when I came back I used "pound". This was the beginning of a series of names that involved verbs. I was going through a difficult time in life then, and I think "pound" described what I had to do each day to get by. Same deal with "munge" although it's also commonly used in programmer-speak to describe manipulation of data from one format into another, which is what I did all day at work.

"thrust" I chose because I wanted to convey my desire to move forward in life, to get things done, to change the world. "thrusty" is what I mostly use now-- I think heather meadows coined this, and I thought it conveyed a kinder, gentler, and (slightly) less sexual meaning.

that's all I can remember!