I actually have gone by four different login names over the years:


Of these, the first is probably the most amusing. There are still a few people out there who remember when i was n954703 - which seemed like an odd login name for a student on UCSCB where everyone had really cool names like tk421 (of Star Wars fame), Joreth (who later became wraith), and c2h50h (who still goes by the nick ethanol on icb).

Actually, I too REQUESTED a *cool* name (or at least I thought so as a new student at UCSC in 1984). I asked for account bytor (a character from a couple of RUSH songs from the late 1970's) as a login name. Some idiot at the university confused the part of the form that had by drivers license number with the part that had the login name (the two fields were right next to each other). As a result, I ended up with a whacky login name. For the next year, everyone went around calling me n954703 because of a clerical error!

That summer, they deleted my account name (it was during the days when they did that automatically every summer). At the same time, they were experimenting with a new computer system and wanted to give people accounts on the new system. I had just seen the movie Labrynth with Fran Zandenella (account rivndel@ucscb from way back) so I decided to be "Jareth" after the villain-protagonist of the flick. But of course that login went away when the experiment ended later in the summer and we got a brand new computer.

bottle of /mSo then, for many years I was, which was what I'd wanted to be in the first place! In fact, I'm still and occasionally actually get mail there.


So then, how the hell did I end up with Tramp. Actually, Tramp was an icb name before it was my login. I was a very early user of icb and it wasn't always as crowded as it is today, particularly early in the morning. Everytime I would connect to icb (which everyone back then called fnet), i would always see a woman with the nick "Lady". One day, with the two of us the only ones active, I changed my nick to Tramp as a joke so that the first other person to connect would do a /w and see "Lady and the Tramp". Never really talked much to Lady, but the name just stuck.