was given the name by my friend Sirene Alice Letter-writer.

she had a habit of naming her friends after composites of characters in books.

my full name was Lord Thlayli Merriadoc Valentine of Kalakiryande.

the name Thlayli comes from Watership Down - it is Lapine for "long-haired

my hair didn't even reach my shoulders, in actuality, at the time. it was
fluffy, in a bunnylike way, but not really all /that/ long.

now it's down to my bum, and I still incorporate the name in many of my online
dealings. and, in fact, the computer I type this on is named \\thlayli.

I was thlayli@ucscb.ucsc.edu from late '89 til whenever b was finally taken
down. for the last few years, it was just a forwarding alias (thanks to
falcon), but it still worked!