So you know what lungfish is. It's the machine that more or less belongs to L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg, now famously "of" the Brunching Shuttlecocks. The year was 1996, and I was offered an account because - well, because one can never have too many, right? There was an awesome forum on lungfish back in the day, too, which got kind of quiet after the "can books with unicorns in them be considered literature" cataclysm, but anyway.

I chose "tammuz". Tammuz is my Hebrew birthmonth (Israel follows an ancient lunar calendar, of which many months are still named after the old Mesopotamian deities that ruled that part of the world before Jehovah & Co.) And, uh, I'm Israeli.

Tammuz (cognate to Dumuzi; precursor to Adonis) was the consort and brother of Ishtar, as the Goddess was known in that part of the world. He died, as consort gods tend to, and his death/rebirth was celebrated every year. The modern month corresponds very roughly to July.


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