G ive me your login lore! No matter the length, format, or tone! This list is open to all ucsc-forum-yam-icb geeks, whether i know you or not, and No Story Is Too Boring! If your login is your name, that's no reason not to submit your story and be counted. Send those stories, anecdotes, and dim memories to tapeworm(at)horg(dot)com

For that matter, if you've recently remembered something amusing about your login story, and want to add it, Fear Not, and send me the New Text. I'd be happy to append, alter or expand your story. Online text is cheap when its printed on your computer screen! I've really enjoyed editing this so far,and see no reason to stop.

Login_lore isn't an 'open submissons' book- But neither is it closed. My basic rule for this is, if you recognise one or more logins in this list, then there's a good chance you're a geek and you should send me a story now! However, if you don't recognise anybody, but like the idea, drope me a line and i'll tell you how to make your own collection...

wee little ascii book!