Hhmmm Okay.

first login name ever: stellavision

I used this on Spacebar for a few months until I learned how to type and realized that people trying to private message me had to type out this huge long nick so it got shortened to Stella.

second login name ever: supastar

Steve Lerner gave me this name. It came from a Tricky song, "They used to call me Tricky Kid/ I live the life they wish they did/ something something don't own no car/ and now they call me SUPASTAR." I was supastar on icb for about 6 months...until.......

third and final login:,, sine sine sine.

distillate of cd/cd/lsSine came about from one of two sources, possibly both. In art school in atlanta, I was the first and only student in my school to demand internet access. The machine I usually chatted on was in the video lab, which was a cramped little room full of Quadras and old Power macs, an 8100, which was THE BOMB at the time. hahah. anyway, as you can imagine, it took about 2 hours to render one filter effect in aftereffects back then, so I spent the interim chatting.

Me and david van brink were chatting a lot then, and I think I got sine from either his web page which had the words "coffee and sine waves" or something similar on it.

Also, there were several old Korg MS10's and MS20s in the lab, and the patch bays on their faces included toggles for waveforms. Squarewave and Sinewave. Thus = Sine. Much shorter, I liked it because of the non-gender specificness of it. People could assume I was male or female. It certainly didn't attract attention like something as say, HotMuffin17 would. Thus, sine was born and sine I am today.