M y login name obviously comes from my initials: sean eric fagan. it's been my preferred account name since 1986; over at cal state northridge, student accounts were something like: -machine letter- -department letter- -three letters indicating status- -three letters for student, preferably initials-. so on the two unix machines i used a lot, my acounts were aeusesef and beusesef (csun a and b, engineering, use[r], sean eric fagan). the admins for the machines just used their initials; when i became an assistant administrator, i got 'sef' as an account.

when i went to work for sco, they gave me 'seanf', unfortunately. when i got kithrup, however, i became '' for as long as i have an interest in computers, i decided.

Because of the geek habit of calling people by their login names, i will respond to "sef," and will correct people who call me 'seth.' however, neither of those is my name, and i am very particular about it; i also get email from people who, on seeing an account name of "sef," assume that my real name is "seth" -- despite the full name being in the header. i get particularly upset when people call me 'seth fagan' -- that proves they read the header, but then decided to forget it. very disrespectful, i think.

so, voila.