was first introduced to ucscb in my sophmore year.

I chose sedona because I thought the name was very sonorous and I must have just come back from my trip to Arizona where the energy of Sedona just blew me away! I actually haven't been back since and I've heard it's been overrun with new-agers. But anyway... I remember learning csh commands and basic unix, trolling on usenet new groups and yes, downloading porn. What was the horrible "word processor" called? I had a cheat sheet of commands taped to my computer. I never really did much icb until after I left Santa Cruz; I still think it's addicting and so I have to avoid it. Of course I can't remember my icb name to save my life.

The ucscb geek community was totally fun and is still a great community. I like how we still socialize together 10 years later. Fud runs at Lyons and donuts, kiva runs, parties at variously named houses... all kinds of runs. I even met acct tripstr via email - he was querying who was logged on to b and randomly emailed folk before he moved to UCSC. I was supposed to meet him in the flesh one day and when he saw me he took off scared! This is a real story!

When I graduated I kept sedona for a while, and when shell accounts went out of vogue I switched to the utilitarian jmy. When I lost that account due to several service provider consolidations, I gave up and chose jenyee28 out of desperation. I know it's not a very good name, but whatever. There's too many Jennifer Yee's in the world. I prefer some anonyminity on the net these days so it's not bad to have a name shared by thousands.