started at UCSC in summer of 1986 - my first exposure to unix B was via James Ray's account tk421, which he kindly shared with me.

When I became a real student in the fall I was nonukes, and tended to go by the handle Dhalgren, after Samuel Delany's book of the same name.

Very shortly after I became satyr, and stayed thusly until probably around 1992 or so when I finally decided I didnt want to pay CATS alumni fees anymore.

I ran various online fora on B for some time, until I finally graduated in summer 1990. I ran Fantasy Forum, Romance Forum, and Gay Forum all out of my one account, with a measly 1200 block du limit, necessitating a regular purge of older messages. Unfortunately I have none of these archived anymore, a shame.

I also hosted a 'shell' by the name of 'Dhalgrens Dungeon' - source code originally by Jim Whitaker, aka account oogle. One day on the Crown stat lab Jon Luini asked me for a copy of the source, since he was getting into C programming, and this was what mutated into BoFf.

I downloaded source code to larn from, and hacked it into Ularn in 1987 or so.

I started at SCO in Feb 1987 and got account philc, and I've been that everywhere else ever since.