I went off to study abroad in England my junior year. There, I fell in with computer geek (cog sci.) They taught me how to work around the university's firewall so that I could talk to my dad and to JD.

When I returned to UCSC for my senior year, JD sent me a nice email about a room for rent that was amazingly *cheap*. It was also inhabited by two geeks dgalpin and rob. I got myself an email account quickly. Chose Ribena because I had adored the word in England and it had always sounded like a girl's name to me. Plus it had all the things I had wanted in a name ever since we broke our names down into rythmic notes in choir and mine had been 1 whole note, 2 1/2's. I wanted to be a triplet! And I wanted a name that ended in "a."


But the amusing name for me right now is my yam/forum name of Sister Bean. It struck me one post long ago how completely whacked my world view must come across to most of the geeks. I think I gave some advice to some unhappy soul on yam and quoted my guru and such. She thought I was being sarcastic or mocking her and someone else had to rush to my defense that I was serious and honestly trying to be helpful. So the "Sister" part is sort half seriously there to remind people that sometimes weird nun-like things might come out in my posts. (And it serves to remind me to try and say kind and nun-like things.)


And that is my story, except for the 6 months that I was eeyore just to stress banshee out.