Geeks come in many shapes, sizes, and colors (though very few tan lines), and with such diversity when it comes to IQ levels, social skills, nitrous tolerances, and inclinations to playing risk on-line when no-one is looking (yeah, right, deny it all you want...), and religious backgrounds.

yes, it is true. i was raised roman catholic. my father studied to be a priest for years, but backed out about 3 months before being ordained. my mom is from a long line of irish catholics... the guilt runs generations deep in both sides of the family.

anyway, at age 8 i started to refuse to go to church. i used every excuse i could come up with. i even went out and skinned my knee really bad on my skateboard early one sunday morning (the young masochist in me i guess, but it was less painful eating those icky wafer they called the body of christ!?!).

when threatened with bodily harm, though, i usually gave in and put on my little lace dress (the drag queen in me). luckily the bathroom was in a building across the parking lot, so i would escape and not return until everyone began herding back to their cars.

justicescalesi did like the stories that they told in church about the end of the world, though. the seven signs? i heard it rained frogs in some remote village in india and started to get real excited. global warming must have some role to play in the end of the world... one way or another. a hurricane that took off a neighbors roof seemed like a good begining to the end. later in life i found myself engaging in conversations with those guys that go to the gay pride parade with signs that say stuff about repenting because the end of the world is coming. usually their vision about the whole _event_ wasn't very well thought-out or fun.

remembering back to the day when i was going to sign up for my very first email account at @cats.ucsc.edu, i recall much angst (god, i hate that word. "god, will you get rid of that word when the world ends?"). i knew this was a very serious thing. that a bad account name would haunt me forever. (i recall a friend choosing snowyowl, as in snowy_owl... an account i borrowed for a spell, and will never forget. ick. how embarassing.)

rapture. rapture@cats. seemed right. the rapture. ominous. bold. black. deconstruction. permanent. perfect.

except that the real story is that i just like disco and was listening to Blonde's Greatest Hits that day and for lack of anything more interesting....

rapture.. rapture@cats.. rapture@resort.. rapture@antfarm.. rapture@the_end.