<*Q*> here: before i came to ucsc, when i was at ucsd, i could only
<*Q*> get randomly-chosen account names. when i came to ucsc and
<*Q*> researched and found the open access accounts (ucscb, 1986), i
<*Q*> chose the login name
<*Q*> "qarin", because that's my name. i graduated in 1988, so my
<*Q*> account went away, and i had some scuba student get me an
<*Q*> account- i think that's the first time i used "queue". i also
<*Q*> used ken's account,
<*Q*> "glacier" ... hm, maybe that wasn't ken's... for a little
<*Q*> while. i also got "que" when "queue" went away until i could
<*Q*> get it again. i didn't let anyone get "qarin" because it's way
<*Q*> too distinctive a name so
<*Q*> people at the CC might well recognize it as not being really
<*Q*> me. when i got a job at CATS in the summer of 1989 i convinced
<*Q*> them that account "queue" was really me and should be
<*Q*> transferred to me, and it
<*Q*> was, so i got to keep that as my employee, then ex-employee,
<*Q*> then coac, then coac/alumni account until it finally went away
<*Q*> from ucsc in late 2000. i used "queue" everywhere i could (not
<*Q*> at sco- qarinvb
<*Q*> there) from 1989 onwards.
<*Q*> i think.
<*Q*> something like that.
<*Q*> the end.
<*Q*> so the short version is, "i chose 'queue' because CATS people
<*Q*> would have noticed someone who wasn't me getting the student
<*Q*> account 'qarin'".
<*Q*> and i chose "queue" instead of something else because it is
<*Q*> the long spelling of my first initial.