Iwas was smith@b

Then I was done with college and let the account lapse and was away from the scene for a couple years.

Then I hooked up with a band that needed a drummer via robert simmons.

I met Luini cuz he played bass guitar for this band, and what's more he wanted to find a new place to live and I damned sure wanted to get out of the parents' place and out on my own.

Anyway, you move in with Luini: you get back online, see.

But anyway "smith" on fnet was already taken by some ambitious hoser so I just picked "Pogo" cuz on account of there's a cartoon opossum by that name who has a way of looking at things that I find fundamentally agreeable.

We *also* had an old family collie dog by the name of "Pogo", but I think he was named Pogo because my brother named him Pogo because my brother *also* had an affinity for Pogo 'Possum, the cartoon character.