My logins:

When I arrived at UCSC, I pretty much immediately started doing Computer Engineering. (my internal masochist took over I guess) We needed to get an account for class and I figured that it might as well be my last name. Of course, I had no idea of any social scene or any reason to choose anything more interesting. So from 1989 until they discontinued the keen alumni account program I was galpin@b.

the floating eye is poked in the eye!

I'm certainly not the original Phaedrus, but I have gone by that name under ICB for many years. It's a rather effective way of eliminating messages from people who hate to type --- and I've gotten plenty of complaints about it from folks. I decided to take on that name after reading "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." The name means many things --- the core meaning is "Wolf." Plato mentions a Phaedrus in his writings, and there was a Roman slave named Phaedrus that helped to copy down and translate "Aesop's Fables." In "Zen and the Art..." Phaedrus is a split personality of the main character who seeks truth and finds that his truth is in quality. It has been a philosophy that I have worked hard to incorporate into my own life. I'm phaedrus @ , phaedrus @, and phaedrus @

This can be blamed on the gentle mockery of my housemates. There's nothing like being cheered on (or mocked) with the reverse of one's name. GO-nad. (ahem) Rich and Brian and Janet were certainly the inspration for this choice --- which was my way of saying that I just don't take this stuff very seriously. I use it occasionally as an ICB nick when I'm feeling silly (or just don't feel like forcing folks to type Phaedrus). I probably wouldn't have started using it in ICB if it weren't for salguod and enelrad so I certainly owe a ... debt ... to those folks. I was (and still am) and nad@