having gotten bored with my usual login name, during a spate of random goofy cybersex people logging on i decided to make fun of the situation by creating the login otter, and poised myself as actually being a 3 year old female sea otter from off the coast of monterey; otter/f/3/likes crushed mussels, and proceeded to aggressively cybersex any random logins looking for hot young meat, in a maritime idiom of course: "*cracks your carapace with a small rock balanced on my belly*, "sucks the juices from your spiny thorax*, etc. it stuck.

is actually one of the many various spellings of my real name, and the first chat name i ever took; it seemed more obviously gender-typed than jose would, yet for several years a number of people still assumed i was a gay hispanic male. shrug.

is my "snooping" account,
Alia Singh, which, despite the aural pun which should give it away right off the bat, tends to find itself hit on constantly by Indian nationals. shrug.