he origin of "Nozefinger"

Sometime in the early 80s, November 1983 I believe, I borrowed my friend
David Van Brink's copy of "Greener Postures" by Snakefinger.
I thought the cover art was funny, so on a 3x5 index card, I drew
a parody of the cover. A boxy square face, grinning, with arms
jutting around at right angles, and a long index finger going up it's nose.
I dubbed the drawing "Nozefinger", the rest is history.

I stil remember that index card hanging up in my parents garage. I
believe Brandon Lee (another LA denizen) last had it.


In the 70s, Joe, David, and I came up with Spillikin Aerospace. This
was a fictional "Amish" aerospace company in the 1860s. According to
the alternate history, US Grant was the first man on the moon.

I've written little bits of crap about Spillikin over the years,
including the "test results" for the "AC-X" on sci.astro back in the
early 90s. There are bits of Spillikin all over google.