Here's the really boring stories of my login names...

1. (my 2nd longest held account, and my first email)

a) is a really cool insect, all of which have great adaptations in exoskeltons and whatnot. theyre cool.

b) was an early socal mountain bike framebuilder who had some really interesting frame designs

2. "i think i" is the title of an alien sex fiend song. very very short-lived account

3. (and some other places too) wake as in the funeral-related party. just sounded cool.

4. (my current and permanent email) magpie. my favorite bird.

5. fnet nicks - hedgehog, nirmph, and various others. i like hedgehogs, the animal. theyre neat. nirmph is a silly sound. other than that, and currently, ive just used my email.

mantis has the most interesting story, i guess, and even thats horrifically boring. never did invest much time in thinking of some clever nickname. never really have adjusted to being called by my email, even though there are still people out there who call me "mantis". just prefer my name!