First ucscb account was "sidhe." I gave that up after a year, because americans just can't grok gaelic spelling rules, and pronounce it "sid-hee."

It grated on me almost as much as wiccans who can't pronounce samhain (sau-win), so I decided I need to change the account name.

About the same time, I got way too tired of being on b at 2 or 3am to get some work done and getting loads of talk requests from new users. "Hey, I see you on here all the time. How do I do [whatever]?" So I changed the account name to "clueles" (that 7 character limit again). I was right, almost no new users had any inclination to ask "clueles" any technical questions, so I could geek undisturbed.

That account died when I dropped out, and I borrowed Joe's "athos" account on ssyx to read news and forum. Then I was "clueles" again for a while, then when I got my crl account, I just used "lee." It's short, it's my name, and it wasn't taken yet. I'd also gotten tired of lame flamefests on usenet where the loser just had to take a potshot at my account name, so I just went with my legal name.