arrived at UCSC in 1987. I was thousands of miles from home in a country of my birth, but not my upbringing. I had visited the States every other summer since I was young, but it was a strange place to me. Since I was young I wanted to run computers and networks so I chose computer science (silly me).

I found CC and filled out my paperwork for a B account. At first I chose something silly (hmsp, I believe). It meant something to me, but I soon realized that I needed a pronouncable login, so I went back and was very nice and persistent and begged. A nice woman behind the counter (bonnie?) relented and I became lazlor, which comes from 'Time Enough For Love', as the first parts of Lazuli and Lorelei. It stuck. To this day I am lazlor.

Looking though the list of names brings back many memories of:

My first winter. Having lived 9 degrees off the equator for lthe previous 15 years with pretty much the same temperature range all year log, I was unprepared for the cold, warmer, cold pattern of most days.(78 degrees was the _low_ I was used to :-). I wore at least a heavy sweater most every day. I remember being so sick, my body was just like "What are you doing to me?"

Friends, close and not so close, but still members of a community that I was glad to be a part of.

Lovers, we were an incestous bunch. I remember someone drawing up a relationship graph at a food run. Lines everywhere. We were young and crazy (foolish?).

Oakes, such grand ideas and such a poor implementation. Still a good many of my best friends came from that crew (my wife included, although it took us another 10 years to get to that part).

Mtrek, my first day on b I found mtrek and clp helped me out. Team Oakes (even with people from porter and crown). Lots of fun.

The Armory, where I learned the meaning of "We really need to clean the kitchen" :-) It was a great place to hang around with techie geeks.

CC39 where I worked as a student consultant for years. This is where I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I'm still helping people solve computer problems.

The Republic, the last house lived at in santa cruz. Great folks, great games, great memories.

And many more.