Well, a labyris has become a lesbian feminist symbol and is rumored to have been used by the Amazons, originating in Crete where they have representations on altars. (A few years ago friends brought me a labyris pendant from Crete.)

I chose it for my account that I was allowing a friend to use. She used it for the first year and a half. (on b)

In 1991 my son was injured on campus in a bicycle accident. His bike basically threw him off head first in a malfunction as he was riding down the hill on the west side of campus, near the police booth. He was in the hospital for 5 months recovering from his head injury, and when he got out he still needed a great deal of care. I was basically stuck at home, as he couldn't be left alone. I got one afternoon free per week.

A friend showed me how to go on forum, and I started using my own account.

I got online during the riots of 1992 and got hooked immeditately. My nickname was fat dyke from hell. I really relied on forum and yam for social interaction while I was stuck at home.

I later registered labyris as a domain name. For me it just symbolizes everything about women not being victims any more, about standing up and learning to defend themselves, and being uppity.