When I got to college, I wanted to have an email address so I almost immediately signed up for an account.

At the time I was still somewhat angsty from High School and I felt like I was a jinx to relationships. I also had this annoying habit of saying the same thing at the same time as other people. I thought jynx was a much cooler spelling so I went with that. Later, my freshman roommate, leek, would get me involved in icb and yam. I went by a couple names on there including darkwolf and bit, but only because "leek's roommate" was too long. Finally I settled on jynx as my icb login as well and I've been that for quite some time. Then Pokemon decided to rip me off by coming up with a Jynx character! With a deadly kiss attack, even. Pshaw!

Leek said I needed to explain my other names, so here goes.

Darkwolf: Umm, I liked wolves and I was in my "dark" stage. So it was pretentious. I was a freshman, that's what freshmen do!

Bit: I'd become a computer geek and I really liked 0's and 1's. So much that I was making bracelets with those letter blocks spelling out people's names in binary using ascii.

Erde: My most recent incarnation, it came from my mage character on Asheron's Call. It means Earth in German and is a character from The Book of Dragons as well. I was learning German at the time for my trip to Europe and it just seemed fitting. I like it a lot and will probably use it more in the future.