So, how did I choose these names?

In high school, my best friend Cathy called me juls and I called her cats, so when I went to UCSC and found that the server/email address was "cats", it seemed natural for me to pick "juls".

As for fnet...

Snickelfritz is a nickname that my grandfather had for me all throughout my childhood.

SundayGerl/SundayGirl refers to the Blondie song and to the way that certain of the geek boys had of making me feel as if I were the girl in the song.

There was one that I took from the blonde girl in the movie Sirens.. Giddy? or something like that. Again, because I liked the character, so sneaky but in such an innocent way..

Sometimes Jenn and I would go on as BigButt (me) and &aSmile (her) [or it might have been BigButt& aSmile], after a line in a Bel Biv DeVoe song "never trust a big butt & a smile". That was when we were feeling particularly evil and playful.

I took juxian from the movie Farewell My Concubine. For a long time, I felt haunted by a dream she has in which her husband lets her down. I think she ends up hanging herself after telling him about the dream. It was my favorite movie for a few years and I identified very strongly with the themes of sadness, hurt, and betrayal running through the film and particularly the feelings that her character experienced