owdy, I'm jjmouse, of the Kresge Mice. Mickey dragged me into the Kresge stat lab to show me around near the beginning of our freshman year 1988 and then ushered me to CATS to get my own login. I humored her, and now i'm still stuck online SIXTEEN YEARS LATER. JJ was just what folks called me in highschool cuz Julian was too many syllables. I use to write poems and either sign them Phantom of Phantasmagoric Nonsense, or if they weren't complete nonsense, Mouse Of The Opera. I initially started referring to myself as a mouse as a bold display of non-pride by proudly answering "Are you a man or a mouse?" with "mouse". I then super-identified with it after reading Notes From Underground wherein the protaganist describes himself a mouse for reasons i deeply identified with.