I became edie@b in 1987. grechen (miss k) was having a flame war with excon (robby. oh the days..) and she was one of my first friends on my hall. she was trying to explain to me what was going on but we decided it would be easier for me to throw in my own two cents if i had my own account. i was reading a book about edie sedwick at the time so i used "edie"

I quickly started using "exene" for forums, though, because i love her and to annoy robby (to quote him "exene is a cow").

When joel created tower.org i wanted to tbe the "princess" in the tower but by then people were already calling me "izzy" after the love and rockets character who smoked too much, had nappy hair, and was kinda weird.

so when i moved to 7thsign "izzy" was logical as most people recognized it anyway. at this point it's the one most people use anyhoo.

ta daaaa ;]

bottle of vi