Grenmar is the truncated, makeover-for-the-mid-90s version of 'grenadine marmoset', which was the handle that finally stuck back in my BBS days. 'grenadine marmoset' actually began as the nickname of my parent's car at the time-- a 1986 jeep cherokee chief.

somewhere around '87, during a group off-road-jeep-caravan trip where everyone talked to eachother over CB, people gave themselves nicknames by using the convention 'color-of-your-car followed by your favorite animal'. so, people in a black jeep might go under the name 'black tiger', or owners of a silver jeep might use 'silver fox', or whatever. the factory-color-description for my parent's jeep was 'grenadine'. my favorite animal at the time was 'marmoset'. thus was birthed the unwieldy 'grenadine marmoset'. from that day it went into immediate geek use, and hasn't been retired since. so, i'd say it was only appropriate that the name has gone from CB to ICB, but-- if my memory serves me correctly-- my parents never found the name quite suave enough to actually use over the CB on the jeep trips, so that wouldn't really be accurate. oh well :)