Greenest (5 Apr 1994)

Pretty Twigboy, he got the lean and hungry look.
He stride evenly, but always look like he will fall.
He never will. Pretty Twigboy is too certain.

He look you over, Pretty Twigboy does, and he like.
Yeah, he like what he see.
Maybe you think he undresses you with his eyes,
but he already did that. He did that, first second.
Already undressed you, he did. Now he has you
face down in a field of clover, as he--
well, like I say, he like what he see.

Pretty Twigboy, he never get enough of you.
He never get enough of anything. He never ever
heard the word 'moderation'.

Wouldn't mean a thing if he did.

my login was pulled from that talk.bizarre post written for me about two weeks after Dan and I met.

I got a deeptht account shortly thereafter, and greenest seemed the obvious login.

Certainly better than

So that's me. greenest.