arrived at UC Santa Cruz in August of 1991, fresh out of several years of raising hell in the suburbs of Boston. It had been two years since I'd realized how references to the Church of the SubGenius could bug that crap out of authority figures. I got to UCSC, the words of my father ringing in my ears: "It's an expensive long distance call from Massachusetts to here, so get yourself an account". Third best advice he's ever given me. I head down to the cc to fill out my application, and, cocky lad that I was, I registered bobdobs@ How cool was that? So then I go on my first donut run, meet Qarin and gristle and omni, umlaut and banshee and tim garlick. I go home thinking that bobdobs isn't quite as cool as I thought. Fuck it, I say. It's too late now.

Then there was talk of ucscb going away, and CATS was encouraging people to get accounts on I once again descend into the bowels of the communications building to register for my cats account. I think I'd been planning on account cello or account cymraig, but for some reason I think I couldn't get them. The guy's standing at the desk wanting to know my third choice. I don't have a third choice. I finally blurt out 'gorilla', and that's that.