N ow that we live in The Future, most of the unfamiliar terms and references found in the Login_Lore entries can be easily defined using search sites and sifting through home pages.

There are, however, a few words that could use a little enlightenment:

b, n. short for

cc, n. Computer Center. The office where most ucsc geeks applied for their accounts.

D&D, n, abbr.. Detail-oriented game based on the hit movie "Mazes and Monsters" starring Tom Hanks as the keeper of the "Graven Eye of Timor".

feeb, n. A feeb.

forum, n. A local santa cruz bbs fashioned to contain various topics, or nodes, in a hierarchical fashion.

food run, n. A localized phenomena in which geeks converge on a late-night food venue, often as if directed there by a coordinating force.

finger file, n. Autobiography in ASCII format.

fnet, n. A way to tell how old a geek is.

gatech, n. Short for Georgia Tech University, reportedly a place full of feebs.

geek, n. A person who spends time socializing on a computer. also used as a verb, adverb, adjective, and expletive.

geekhouse, n. Any house with more phone lines than residents.

icb, n. Internet citizen's band, an obscure teleconferencing system used primarily by alumni of certain universities.

icking, v. squelching pda such that other people say "ick". ick pit, n. room filled with icking geeks. ("geeks are ick" - snozer, 1992 )

mtrek, n. A multi-user star-trek like game where players battle ships in realtime, devoid of graphics, rules, or ethics.

nut, v. ask Enola.

OCF, n. Open Computing Facility. Office at UC Berkeley where students apply for accounts. All machines named after "Acts of God or results of pilot error".

planets, n. A game of 'galactic conquest'. Who knew?

pona, n. Acronym for 'person of no account', indicating their lack of an email account. An obsolete phrase.

stat lab, n. Neither a stat, nor a lab, but a major hangout for geeks.

ucscb, n. Server at the University of California at Santa Cruz, created by Tim Garlick for the purpose of "games and chat"

unk, int. See gah, ugh, feh, mmm, and horg.

WEB, n. Workstations in Evan's Basement., located at UCB. Consisted of diskless Sun 3/50 workstations, and free laser printing.

yam, n. Just like forum, except that users can change their own nodes. Good for food runs and beating dead horses.