Fuzzy, the "other" Doug.

I've always considered myself a 'lesser' geek, but geek nonetheless... earning but a nod from banshee, a "Hey" from zenomt, a hug from goddess (woo woo!) but barely worth a mention in this scared tome...

Nonetheless, here is my story, as I choose to remember it.

My first exposure to ucscb geekdom was through logan, and by extension, shandon (Tim Kolar). My first (and only) b account was 'necro', which was short for necromancer, a not terribly original and unintentionally sinister sounding character name left over from my high school RPG days.

Late nights of hacking my .cshrc and .alias with misleading execl commands like 'Conjuring spirits' and 'Talking to Elvis' landed me a research assistant position in the PSL on campus, and an account @fuzzy.ucsc.edu that I still have to this day.


Soon after graduating from UCSC, I was the unsuspecting housemate of Adrienne (izzy, then edie) and goddess, not to mention other >> geeks. Adrienne took to calling me "Fuzzy Doug", in order to unambiguously identify me under the far-reaching shadow of the uber-geek salguod.

Many geeks later, the (lesser) geekhouse 'Darkwater' gained dotcom status. I still maintain that the name is in reference to the black bottom pool in the back yard, rather than the Gaelic origin of the name 'Douglas'.

No, really.

Vanity aside, I occasionally appear on icb toting the moniker 'darkwater'.

Never once have I actually used the login 'fuzzy'. But if I'm to be remembered in these hallowed annals of geekdom, let it be as fuzzy, the other Doug.