My login lore is extensive and I'll try to be as accurate as I can. Im somewhat notorious for not being that accurate with dates and times so bear with me.

I got my first acct on ucscb in 1989 at the urging of acct lafolle. He had shown me the wonders of ascii porn as well as online rpg's and I was hooked. I chose 'misterx', and ended up not doing much with the acct. The name itself was taken from a favorite comic book of the same name.

In 1990 I think I switched accts and became known as 'skreee' which lasted through 92. The name was derived from the sound of car tires screetching around a corner. It would later become the name of a comic I drew for City on a Hill Press.

Best part about it was when I'd show up at geek events and be greeted by loud screetching... an early musical influence.

By 1992, I was graduating and felt like I wanted a different account name. I maintained one on ucscb, and a few over on soda over the next few years with the help of davinator. I think the order went something like this: 'blindman' taken from the title of a punk song, 'autopsy' from a shortlived and slightly dodgy venture into speedmetal, 'dogboy' which i think i had when i moved to SF, name taken from a comic book, and then 'pogeybait' taken from a character in Daniel Clowes Eightball. All these logins began to create in my the feeling of some kind of technological schizophrenia; people couldn't reach me, I was feeling really disorganized and disassociated, so in 96 I chose my middle name 'flint'.