I got the nickname "fleagirl" when i was interning at a lame weekly paper back home. i worked mostly with one particular editor, whose nickname was "ratboy", after a story he did about a city program to clear rats out of the sewer system.

geekgurlwe worked on stories together, had lunch almost daily, hung out after work, etc, and had a not-so-steamy, mildly-illicit affair as well. i don't think many people knew about it, but i was generally considered ratboy's sidekick.

so during one pitch meeting (where the entire editorial staff gets together and argues over who has the best ideas), everyone spent the time trying to come up with a nickname for me that would go well with ratboy. one of the editors, who liked his lunches in liquid form (if you know what i mean) suggested "fleagirl" and it stuck.

when jonl needed a name for my ATN account, i couldn't think of anything else.

i think it's time for a new login with a better story behind it.