Initial login - hellcat

well, I needed an email address so my boss at the Science Library could email me assignments (she never did), and I've always been a cat person...and I couldn't come up with anything quickly other than "hey, wasn't there a WW2 fighter plane called the 'Hellcat'?"

second login used - feyd

this I blame solely on reading 'Dune' several times by my 10th birthday, and a physical resemblance to the character Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in the Dino DiLaurentiis movie production of 'Dune'...especially when I had short, spiked & bleached hair in my late teens.

I wzs annoyed I couldn't use 'hellcat' as my nickname on ICB because pamc@gatech.edu had grabbed it first...so I used 'morpheus' as I'd was enthralled by Neil Gaimans' 'Sandman' comic-book series.