My first ucscb account was ceowyn, which was the name of one of my early d&d characters. not terribly original, but hey, i was a geek. :)

when gorn and deepthought showed up, i picked the name oracle, inspired by doing a lot of reading on the oracle at delphi and amusement at the usenet oracle.

after i left ucsc and my own b account was shut down, i borrowed from others. i shared clueles with lee for a while, but i didn't pick it. later i shared terapin with my ex-wife, which was some sort of grateful dead reference, but i dropped out of the geek scene soon after that.

Flame Warwhen i eventually got back into the internet, i signed up for a netcom account, but oracle was already taken (i guess some database company made the name popular...) so i decided to take another name from literature. at the time, i had just reread henry IV parts 1 and 2 and had a great affinity for the character of falstaff, the obnoxious drunkard, coward, and best buddy of prince hal who discards the old man when he ascends the throne, and nobody else had taken it, so there it was. when we got the antfarm.org domain for our house, i used the same name there.

the Old Jack Falstaff alias for yam comes directly from a speech in henry IV part 1.

the "that's my friggin' head, ya student!" alias in forum comes from a short cartoon series that was part of mtv's liquid television for a season or two, "crazy daisy ed" which had an obnoxious flower going around, pissing people off, and insulting them into submission.

the MaterialGorn alias i use in icb comes from the name of my favorite ship in mtrek, in turn inspired by my love of spewing madonna lyrics at everybody to get people to come and try to shut me up.

and now you know...the rest of the story.

good day.