he world never ceases to amaze me. People see everything from different points of view. I mean, some people spell potato with an "e" right? Or maybe that's just Dan Quayle.

Some back story, and an example:

My mother's name is Deanne (people call her Dee) and she worries a lot. She's a mother, I guess that's part of what she does. To me, it may seem a little excessive, but I'm the one she's worrying about most often. I'd often find her up reading when I'd get in late after going out in high school. Maybe not so unusual, as she reads a lot, but pretty much every time I came home late, she was up reading, waiting for me. Many years after I move out, and away from parental supervision, I inform her I'm getting a motorcycle. She accepts this, tells me she'll worry, and asks that I please call her each weekend so she knows I didn't kill myself on the bike.

Fair enough, I should probably phone home more often. Eventually she joins the modern world and gets an email address. Her login: dreadsalot

When I saw this, I thought it was some sick joke. My mother doesn't really have that kind of sense of humor. "Dreads-a-lot", well yeah, maybe, but sheesh, advertise it to the rest of the world? My god Mom, what were you thinking? So I ask, and she pronounces to me how she sees her login: "Dee-reads-a-lot". Oh. Well then. That actually make sense.

What's funny is, I get this a lot from my login. I don't expect it, I mean it seems obvious enough to me, but I created it, so there ya go. My initials are "E.T." and I thought my login name was cute when I created it.