Way back when, I saw some people in the Crown Stat Lab, mostly playing rogue, and decided I wanted an account - filled out the form, and chose the name of the most prominent computer geek in comics at the time...from the "New Mutants", named "cypher". Except that I never noticed how they spelled it in the comics (amazing the details you miss), so I instead chose "cipher", which is probably a better name.

Around March or April there was the first realization that the CC would change your account name for you - after the first "forum suicide" (that is, an announcement by someone that they were going off-line completely) was found to be just an account name change, and a lack of forum participation, and I was determined to get a better name.

So, after going over various and sundry 7-letter combinations, I found one that hadn't been taken: drseuss. After getting that I proceeded to copy various books into my finger file.


I suppose it's looked odd to see "drseuss@wherever.com" on a resume, but I think it's those little things that make an otherwise standard resume stand out in people's minds. Now that I have my own domain(s), with everything being mapped to me, I can now have any address I want; but I still tend to either drseuss, or tsgeisel (Theodor Seuss Geisel) or wwonka for anything that requires an actual login name.