Why dpassage?

When I first went to get my OCF account at Berkeley in the fall of '89, I initially asked for "dpaschich" and put that on the account form for the student-run cluster. At the time, they had a rule requiring name-based account names, disallowing the ucscb-style shenanigans. A Mr Adam Glass, who later became a good friend, called me up to tell me that "dpaschich" was too long for the 8-character limit, so instead I chose "dpassage", defending it on the grounds that it's the correct pronunciation of my last name.

Why Davinator?

I'm a bit fuzzier on this one. I had used "David" as my ICB name for quite a while, and at some point some Mills geek or someone convinced met hat it didn't have enough personality. I had a friend at Berkeley who was obsessed with the SNL Copy Guy skit, more so because her name was Ling and her favorite singer was Sting. In any case, somehow I changed it to Davinator one night and it stuck.


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