I became crnivor after eating at Merril one night with Brooks Smith (account geonerd, later account poleta, later account noriega). We had eaten some veal, which was quite nice, despite being most un-PC (along with table grapes and Coors beer), and we wrote a short note on a comment card to Cottrel Armistad, the manager of the Clown and Merril dining halls back when Stuart Anderson's ran it (pre-Marriott days!)

The spur for this comment card was one of the cards we saw, answered on the bulletin board; "I don't think you understand how much suffering the baby cows go through - please serve something like broccoli instead of veal." The answer was "Veal is always a popular entree, based on the number of servings we go through. Lots of people like it, and we will continue to offer it."

My note was "The veal tonight was good! Please keep feeding us those baby cows!" I signed it (for Brooks and me) "Crown College Carnivores"

We weren't back at Merril for at least a week (maybe a few weeks?), but veal was on the menu again. Brooks and I remembered to look at the comment card bulletin board, and sure enough, it had been answered and posted. Cottrel had said "Dear Carnivores, Good! You'll be seeing veal again soon!"

The name stuck, and I went to the CC that week to have my acct. name changed. I had been "gerhart" before that, ever since I had become hooked on rogue using a friend's account in October 1984 (Jeff Jue; he was a CE/econ double major, lived across the hall in third floor Galen from me in 1984-85, and I sort of lost track of him in 1986 or thereabouts.)