Most folk who knew me by my login for the most part knew me by name...however cheshire wasn't my first login.

My first login was, and that was mainly used to login to ucscb, read forum, play keep, etc. Now this is where I come off looking more like a goof than I generally like, and so I am going to claim youth, bad timing, and just a general maladeptness.

I took time off from UCSC and when I cam back, I had forgotten the password for 'pisces'. So I was locked out...and the CATS folks would not reset the password, since there had been an interrupted attendance at UCSC or some such bureacracy. So...I had to pick something new.

So I asked for cheshire, it seemed so obvious, I mean I assumed that someone else must have already taken it...Cheshire Cat, and all that. Charles Dogdson must not have had a huge fan base at UCSC 'cause it was still up for grabs. And so I got labeled cheshire...and suffered gladly many a 'grinning' joke.

the end.