Why caligari:

once upon a time (1994), i came to visit sf for spring break from dc. juls, ra, harlock, jen, hargi (today mrs. harlock) and i rented a couple of films to watch. one of them was "dr. caligari", the b-movie vaguely-soft-core quasi-sequel to the german classic "the cabinet of dr. caligari;" this one was about the original doctor's granddaughter, also a psychiatrist.

evilhandabout half-way through the film, everyone seemed to think that i resembled the sequel's caligari (mostly b/c of the haircut, i imagine... or perhaps the evil-steely manner + odd accent... who knows. it was about 3am and we were all very, very tired.) anyhow, i thought i'd capitalise on the similarity, logged on, and reserved the nick on fnet. and the rest, as they say...

why eyeball:

well, i collect [replicas of human] eyeballs. late-childhood obsession, developed despite the fact that it disturbes people.