My first login was named after a band: foetus. the only interesting story about that is that i met acct. gristle that way - the bands are both industrial-type bands - and we became fast friends and we still are very close to this day.

my second login was named after a band: spaceman

caliban stuck, though.

Basically, i had forgotten to go renew my account, so it got locked and the name couldn't be used again. at the time, i had been working on a production of the tempest, and caliban was this weird crazy character. i also chose sycorax, another
supernatural from the tempest (caliban's mother, imprisoned by prospero in a tree) as an athena account name.

the orc hits even more

interesting stories. well, at first, any service i signed up for on the web had caliban free. in the last 18 months, nothing new has caliban available unfortunately.

Since then i have taken caliban on as my dj name. because of this, "dj caliban" is now in, though they got my name/dj name reversed, oddly enough.


it was years later that i found out that xmen had a guy named caliban. there's a font called caliban too, and a book store. i found an old old book called 'testament of caliban' too.

People sometimes ask me about the name. sometimes it is strangers doing a thesis and wondering why i feel like a displaced and marginalized native, which i guess is a common topic when studying the tempest. i have met some interesting people online because my name got their curiosity, including two lovers. my current gf was a lit major and she noted it the first time we met, which was online. i like to joke around when i meet people named miranda online, as well.

When i used it for my login/email for a job it got to be a pain to spell it out to people all the time, so when i got my new job i made my work email address simply my first name.