My original login was fujiko. I had become a total anime geek my freshman year at UCSC. I hadn't actually heard of ucscb yet, I was introduced to it by my ex-boyfriend, account macross, who I met through the late night anime showings at Cowell college. I used to sit with him late into the night in the stat labs, and finally decided to get an account during my sophomore year. (They were only giving out accounts at the beginning of the year, so I had to wait.)

When it came time to choose my account, I was really into the Lupin III series, and I especially liked Lupin's rival/girlfriend Fujiko Mine. She was the first really competant, kick butt female character I had seen on media, so she was my first account name choice.

pac-harvestI kept fujiko until a couple of years after I graduated. UCSC was closing down accounts, so I moved over to planetx.org. I had long broken up with macross, and I wasn't into the anime scene any more, so fujiko didn't seem to fit anymore. My new account name was inspired from one of my early jobs at SCO.

While I was finishing up my degree, I worked at SCO doing backups. All of the backup people were called "backup gnomes", because they only came out at night and lived in cave-like machine rooms.

I didn't like the sound of that, having never liked gnomes (and besides, female gnomes have beards. I didn't want to start up *that* association), so I starting signing my e-mail as the "backup bunny".Bunnies also only come out at night and live in a dark, windowless structure, but they are a hell of a lot cuter than gnomes. I also really like bunnies, but that's a side issue. :) So, when I decided to drop fujiko, I chose bunny as my new account name and have kept it since.