I guess it's about time.

1981: freshling at Kresge. Living in the "sextets", a group of four tri-level buildings on Kresge's "upper" street, right next to the Kresgs town hall. They went co-ed within a week after everyone moved in. I lived in the one with the wildest reputation, the "without-walls" one.

Anyway, when being introduced to everyone in the four-unit area, one of the CA's asked what I wanted to be called. I said either "Bob" or "Rob". She said, Ok, Bob-or-Rob.

The nickname stuck. Since it was more interesting than I was, I didn't fight it. (CA was Community Assistant, by the way)

I later used it for a login name.

Before that I think I was "rrebbe" and then "goobers" and for a while I was "sosueme". I don't recall if sosueme was after the first incarnattion on ucscb of boborob, but it was very amusing getting hit on by people saying "that's a beautiful name, is it native american?"

Fof a while I toyed with the idea of changing it to boboqoq so that it would be the same even when rotated 180 degrees. When account funkster pointed out that it would be read "bob o cock", instead of the "boboquock" that I was imagining, I decided against it.