At UCLA you were only allowed temporary accounts. they tied in with the class you were taking that justified the login. eg. cs130slb would be my login for a computer science 130 class.

when I came to UCSC, I could get a B and a CATS account. and I could pick whatever I wanted. wow. so, I picked "bafta". I was at UCSC on a gamble, I was gambling I could do well enough in a year of classes that I could get into graduate school. my Romanian roomate at UCLA had taught me, that "bafta" was a greeting or well-wish in Romanian, you say before exams etc, and instead of "good luck" it meant more like "efficiency". hence I chose that for a login. it didn't occur to me when I chose it that it also stood for british academy of film and television arts...


<*draNgNon*> the draNgNon one is simple. I wanted to post to yam and had
<*draNgNon*> to thing of something to type. I didn't want to match my
<*draNgNon*> login, and "dragon" sounded dumb (my login was bafta, remeber)
<*draNgNon*> then I thought of how little kids say "sheRbeRt" instead of
<*draNgNon*> sherbet. so draNgNon.
<*draNgNon*> I remember. I typed it and typed it. I had NO IDEA for many
<*draNgNon*> MONTHS that you could SET that as a preference in your yamrc.
<*draNgNon*> then I started using it in ICB so people whould know who the
<*draNgNon*> fuck they were talking to.
<*draNgNon*> then I realized it was the only thing I could use to get a
<*draNgNon*> unique aol screen name. [ is my address
<*draNgNon*> there]
<*draNgNon*> it took forever, to convince people that I really did mean it
<*draNgNon*> the way a little kid says sherbert.
<*draNgNon*> someitmes I would tell them it was a dragon with TEETH.
<*draNgNon*> draNgNon