<*b0b*> well, they're all pretty basic. drnick is cuz i wanted some
<*b0b*> character from the simpsons, but not one of the obvious ones,
<*b0b*> and dr nick riviera is one of my favorites.
<*b0b*> purpler is cuz i needed an 8 or less character handle, and i
<*b0b*> wanted it to involve the word purple, and after my bleak
<*b0b*> failure with "-purple-" (many servers can't handle the hyphen
<*b0b*> at the beginning)...
<*tapeworm*> and what of b0b?
<*b0b*> oh, right. well, that was because i decided that i really
<*b0b*> liked the idea of just having my name be my login, but on icb,
<*b0b*> "bob" was already taken, so i figured in the geek tradition of
<*b0b*> "snow crash", i ...
<*b0b*> ...could just substitute a numeric for one of the letters,
<*b0b*> like "da5id". :)